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"How YOUR Church or Non-Profit Can Increase Revenue & SAVE MONEY Within 90 Days (via A FREE Program Without Sacrificing Mission Focus)!"

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If you are a pastor, non-profit director, bishop, leader of ministry or club, or a finance leader (such as a deacon or fundraising consultant), this Webinar will be extremely valuable to you.

In First 20 minutes an overview of the donating company and a For-Profit Business Overview shows attendees how the company can position owners to give even more to their cause!

  • ...a unique Fund Raising Program that provides organizations the opportunity to generate upfront and residual revenue. Learn THE EXACT EFFECTIVE MONTHLY RECURRNG-DONATION FUNDRAISER TECHNIQUE JON USES FOR HIS NON-PROFIT!

  • ...that your members and constituents already participate in this Fund Raising Program, but, respectfully, your organization gets nothing for it today.

  • ...a simple three-part campaign that will stop dollars from leaving your organization and will also attract new donors without begging them for one penny. In fact, they will be giving on auto-pilot AND be happy doing it!!

  • ...that this is no joke since the program is connected to known household name brands and the revenue is not just one-time, but month-after-month-after-month!

  • ...(right now since I'm truly excited and can't wait till the online event to tell you) that this Fund Raising Program is absolutely FREE - never any cost to participate, including the 3-step action plan for successful implementation, when done online!

WARNING: Space truly is limited and these LIVE online events always fill up because they are significantly better than the information others charge you thousands for... even though we offer them at no charge.

This one will be no exception, so request to be notified of upcoming webinars and get your link to the latest official charitable giving report TODAY!

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